Najaars Conferentie 2023

Op dinsdag 3 oktober 2023 organiseert de Uniface Benelux gebruikers vereniging de 2023 najaarsconferentie in Kermis op de basis op Park Vliegbasis Soesterberg. Deze unieke locatie is gebaseerd op een bijzonder concept. In de shelter staan allerlei kermisattracties die steeds worden verbonden aan de verhalen van morgen, de verbeelding van creatieve processen en de verwondering over nieuwe technologische mogelijkheden.

Waarom ga je de Uniface Najaarsconferentie 2023 bijwonen?

  • Blijf op de hoogte:  Ontdek de nieuwste functies en innovaties in Uniface-technologie die jouw software ontwikkelingsprocessen  optimaliseren en de bedrijfsresultaten zullen verbeteren.
  • Leer van de experts: hoor van ons team van Uniface-experts en professionals uit de branche, wat nieuwste  inzichten, tips en best practices zijn, middels informatieve sessies en interactieve demo’s.
  • Netwerk met collega’s: Ontmoet andere Uniface gebruikers, developers, en professionals uit heel Europe, en breidt je professionele netwerk uit voor verdere samenwerking en partnerships.
  • Live demos laten de nieuwste mogelijkheden van Uniface zien die je gelijk in je eigen projecten kan gebruiken.
  • Maak kennis met het Uniface team: Stel vragen aan de Uniface experts en geef feedback op de Uniface ontwikkel omgeving. Laat weten wat je voorkeuren en je wensen zijn.

Mis deze kans om deel te nemen aan de Uniface Najaarsconferentie niet en breng je software skills naar het volgende niveau.

Inschrijving gesloten

Agenda Uniface Najaarsconferentie

Code Less. More success


09:00 – 09:30 Reception and registration
09:30 – 09:45 Intro welcome Uniface Rocket Software 

Deniz Yugnuk, VP Uniface Sales and Business Development, Rocket Software
Els Oirbans, Director Uniface Sales, Rocket Software
09:45 – 10:30 Rocket Uniface 2023-2024 Roadmap: Advancing Web Widgets and Strengthening  Security and a whole lot more 

This presentation gives an overview of the new features the Rocket Uniface Lab is currently working on. Uniface is set to launch new web widgets that provide a seamless user experience in new and existing applications. At the same time, Uniface stays up to date with strengthening security and 3rd party technology support.

Mike Taylor, Senior Product Manager, Rocket Software
10:30 – 11:15 New Rocket Uniface License Manager – Modernizing License Management with industry standard Sentinel 

Uniface License Manager modernizes Uniface license management with features such as real-time insights and compliance tracking. Sentinel improves license administration, optimizes license usage and maintaining compliance. This presentation brings you up to speed with Sentinel best practices and several licensing options.

Eliza Lukita Sari, Uniface Lab, Rocket Software
11:15 – 11:30 BREAK
11:30 – 12:15
Top Insights to Modernization! 

Modernisation our Uniface application (landscape). Spoiler alert: It’s not just the user interface. From massive investments to shocking outcomes, we’ll delve into the impact of both invasive and non-invasive approaches. Explore how modernisation brings unintended and undesirable consequences, hindered by resource and skilled personnel shortages across all technical disciplines. Get ready for an engaging presentation on never-ending stories and the challenge of modernising 70%-90% of legacy estates in the next 5 years. Good luck with that!

Peter Lammersma, Managing Director Unividuals
12:15 – 12:30 Algemene ledenvergadering 2023 Face2Face 

Face2Face Bestuursleden

12:30 – 14:15 LUNCH Including tour of the Airbase
14:15 – 15:00 What’s new in 10.4- Functions/Exceptions. 

What’s new in 10.4 – It is all about code maintainability, less bugs, less security risks: Functions are as easy as entries but limited in visibility and with that, improve isolation of concerns. Exceptions allow an immediate reaction on runtime errors and with that, robustness of code.

Jyoti Singh, Architect and Software Engineering Manager, Rocket Software
15:00 – 15:45 (Custom) Web Widgets 

In this session, you will get a sneak preview plus an insightful demo of this upcoming feature.


We’ve found that with most interactive web applications, organizations focus their development effort on an application’s presentation layer. Uniface is simplifying the development and maintenance of the DSP presentation by moving the layout and front/backend UX logic out of the component and into reusable widgets. In addition to the comprehensive set of functionally rich Web Widgets we will supply out of the box, we’ll also provide a Custom Web Widget interface so you can take ownership of the default widgets and then enhance/style them, or create your own truly unique widgets to create rich, consistent web applications.

To construct your DSP, all you will need to do is:

  • Drag and drop to define your component’s data structure
  • Select the widget to use
  • Tweak the properties
  • Compile
  • Done!


Your input is an essential part of delivering the correct solution. And we will be available throughout the day for you to share your thoughts and questions.

Frank Doodeman, Senior Software Architect, Rocket Software
Gerton Leijdekker, Principal Software Architect, Rocket Software
15:45 – 16:30 Strengthen Your Defences 

As API, Web and Mobile approaches lead modernisation projects and new development, bad actors (i.e., hackers!) continue to discover and exploit security weaknesses. In this session Jason Huggins will explore some of the security challenges we all face and the latest Uniface countermeasures to mitigate these risks.

Jason Huggins, Director Enablement and Educations, Rocket Software
16:30 – 17:30 DRINKS & CANAPES